Benefits of Obesity Surgeries


Obesity surgery helps you get loss of or minimize the complication of many diseases such as:

Type II Diabetes

Most patients experience an improvement in control of their diabetes following bariatric surgery.  77% of diabetes patients are able to stop taking their diabetes medications after surgery.


Over 60% of patients with high blood pressure are able to stop medications and nearly 80% have an improvement in their high blood pressure.

Sleep Apnea

Many patients have undiagnosed sleep apnea at their initial evaluation for weight loss surgery. It is important to be tested and start treatment prior to surgery to minimize the risk of complications. 68-95% of patients have resolution of their sleep apnea symptoms following bariatric surgery.


Many patients seeking treatment have elevated cholesterol or lipids prior to surgery. Lipid profiles are improved in 60-95% of patients after weight loss procedures.


The fact that the patient’s health is so improved leads to an improved mood and much higher self-esteem. Most patients can feel better simply because they have now taken control of the obesity situation. Patients will find that after they start losing the weight they appear to regain their old lives and they are no longer limited as they were before.

Quality of Life

Patients report an improved quality of life and increased activity after weight loss surgery. Also it helps the patient to be satisfied about his/her look and image in the community.