Sleeve Gastrectomy


Sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive operation where around three-quarters of the stomach is removed. This results in permanent restriction of the volume of food which can be eaten and patients will feel full after eating just a small amount. The operation is performed by key-hole surgery. It may be used for some patients with a very high BMI or who have had previous unsuccessful weight loss surgery. The myGastricSleeve app for i-phone available from the App store has been developed to help our patients plan their weight-loss programme after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. It includes a month-by-month planner to help you keep to your programme and reach your goals as well as diet, exercise and psychology tips. Our experience at Slimplus clinic not only helps you make you lose around 70% of your excess weight undergoing Sleeve Gastrectomy but also can lead you to reach your ideal weight.